OFFICIAL PRESSRELEASE!     Stop the World! Drop everything- SKELLINGTON COMEBACK!!!   You probably haven´t even noticed but SKELLINGTON has been pretty quiet for a few years - but now they´re officially back as a DUO!!! Singer Jac Rytterholm and lead guitarist Joakim Norlander has teamed up once again to give the world what it needs: Two dudes playing Super-Heavy-Metal! The duo have actually been "secretly" recording 1/3 of a new album, for quite a while. Because making a masterpiece takes a while, ok? The working title is "12 Wonderful Songs That Make You Want to Bang Your Head!" - a title that the metal duo might change because someone very boring said it´s not such a good title. The new album, coming hopefully in the fall 2020, will totally turn every headbanger´s head inside out and kill life in the whole universe! Yup, you better believe it! This time it´s on a higher level, better than ever and it will tear your not so innocent soul apart! (Note: No overstatement or exaggeration here, we promise! That´s not what we do...) BUT FIRST a brand new single will be released on Friday 27 December! It´s a lovely little song that won´t be on the next album - because it´s not "metal enough" - but it´s still too damn good to NOT release at all! It´s a fine good rocking song for radio (p-please!) and for those (metalheads) who know how to raise a beer and party hard! Of course the title is: "TURN IT UP (A Rock and Roll Anthem)... Tune your air guitar and rock out!     ”
REVIEW:   Swedish metal band Skellington returns after a couple of years of silence with a brand new EP “Caveman Rising”. The album is digitally available now.  Skellington has been around for a while, their debut album was released 10 years ago in 2007 and has been received very well. After all these years, it is not much of a surprise that they also know what they are doing. The album offers some interesting riffs, catchy melodies and the songs are easy to listen to and have a nice flow. Skellington define themselves as influenced by all things metal. Some of these influences are very clear. While vocalist Jac Rytterholm’s voice reminds me of a young James Hetfield, some of the riffs remind me of Machine Head and then at times I feel like I’m being sent back in time listening to the support act of Motörhead.   The EP contains 5 songs. All songs are kind of similar and thus work together very well. The opener and title track “Caveman Rising” is a good way to open the EP. It has a very energetic (and perhaps even aggressive) attitude and shows already very well the potential this band has to offer. Personal highlight of the EP for me is “I Won’t Bow My Head”, which starts off with an interesting bass line and has this typical thrash metal brutality hidden in there, which reminds me a bit of Russian thrash metal band Shah.   In general at some times the songs still feel a bit clumsy, especially in comparison to their other material, which I quickly dived into to prepare for this review. This might be explained by the fact that the album has been released independently and budgetary issues and it doesn’t weigh up against all the positive characteristics the album has. Annunciation makes it easy to follow the songs without having the lyrics and the song writing feels like well thought of and creative. Interesting riffs, compelling solos and straight-to-the-point songs are what this album is made of. In general I feel that the band has to offer a lot more than they put in the album and I can say for a fact that I’m looking forward to when the album gets released in 2018.   Tracklist1. Caveman Rising2. I Won’t Bow My Head3. She Will Spit On Your Grave4. The Spirit Remains5. Waiting for Enlightment   For Fans OfMetallica, Machine Head, Megadeth, Motörhead, Shah, thrash metal   Links by Laureline Tilkin-Franssens”

— Tuonela Magazine (Finland)

THE NEW EP "CAVEMAN RISING" OUT NOW!!! Find it everywhere: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Shazam and so on - or just listen to it for free at CD-BABY! Listen here:   ”
A LETTER FROM SKELLINGTON:   Dear friends & metalheads,     Some of you have been asking me, Jac Rytterholm - the singer/co-founder & "band leader" of Skellington - of what´s the latest news of the band.   * "When are you gonna play live again?"* "What´s up with the EP?"* "Have you split up the band?     First of all, Skellington has not split up - but the former lineup has, as some of you might have known for a while. That happened over 18 months ago, X-mas 2015, and it was a big surprise for me! Sure, we´re all 5 still friends, but for me personally it felt like a "divorce"!   It was the classic mix of of "musical differences", "tired of it all" and "nothing´s happening". Such things is nothing new, it happens thousands of bands worldwide every day, every month of the year.   But, as I said, for me it felt very personal - since Skellington is HUGE part of "my life" and always been a band project driven from the heart of mine. The others (Jocke, Göran, Tommy, Stefan) always known that too and that Skellington is a Big Passion for me, and that I was going to continue with Skellington, there was no question about that. Everyone who knows me as a person, they KNOW what Skellington means to me!   But, even if I could get new members, I just felt a bit sad - or actually depressed I guess, for quite a long time. Most of 2016 I was "under the radar", taking my time thinking and planning how to develop Skellington in a way I wanted it - but I also needed some time for reflection.   After all, I was alone now - "musically divorced" in lack of better words - and my friends moved on while I needed to re-arrange my way of thinking for Skellington. And that included asking myself what I was doing. Was I doing something WORTH doing?! Did I still have a hunger to write songs and perform - and most important of all, did I still have FUN?!   Well, the answer is "YES" - I still have FUN! And just like some kind of "art junkie" (konstnärssjäl or what ever you´d call it) I NEED to be creative, it´s my LIFE! Any artist, unknown or wellknown, probably knows exactly what I mean by that. So, fuck it, I move on. Simple as that.     SO WHAT´s NEXT?   Well, the EP we were working on in 2015 is finished now, by me and ex-lead guitarist Jocke, and ready for release. As I said, we´re still friends and we´ve both worked hard. Personally I have worked harder than ever before, the whole process was going into a deeper way of expressing myself. It worked, very well - but it was, for the first time in my life, not as easy to write songs as it´s always been. Maybe it was a writer´s block or something? I suppose so, or perhaps my ambition to get Skellington´s music to a higher level of KICK MAJOR ASS?!   The end result is called CAVEMAN RISING - and I am proud of it. More than ever! Hopefully people will like it - but never the less, it is in the direction I want to take Skellington.   I´ve always wanted to mix a "metal soup" of parts of the whole damn history of Heavy Metal into ONE band! To take all that inspiration and all those influences, from the 70´s, 80´s, 90´s and modern 21st century metal, and put it together into ONE band!!! Variation, with a personal touch, is the KEY! I want to make something somewhat original - or at least try. (Many people think we actually succeed very well in doing that, so thank you good people for those kind words!).   At the moment, there´s no plans of playing live (yet) - and I´m not really in a hurry getting new members for the band, so since that X-mas 2015 I just handle this like a "solo band project", but I´m sure I wanna play live again because I love it!   This new EP "CAVEMAN RISING" will be the start of a new chapter for me, and I most certainly hope that YOU (yes, YOU!) might be interested in following the new adventures of Skellington together with me!   If you´ve read this far - I thank you! From the bottom of my "metal heart"...     Sincerely Yours, Jac Rytterholm/SKELLINGTON   PS. If you can afford 5 dollars, please buy the new fucking EP, you cheap bastards! ”

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