The Best of the Early Years


Scandinavian Metal/Thrash/Rock - in your face! The perfect mix of all things metal! "Music that makes you throw around your furniture and go nuts!" -

  • Scandinavian cult band SKELLINGTON was formed in Stockholm, Sweden. First line-up included lead guitarist Chaq Mol (Dark Funeral).

  • SKELLINGTON are highly influenced by all things metal, both old school hard rock as well as brutal 21st century modern metal. Their original mix of Metal-Thrash-Rock is simply best described as "Super-Heavy-Metal"!

  • SKELLINGTON is well known for being great entertainers and an exploding live act on stage, and often referred as "one of Stockholm´s best live bands"!

  • SKELLINGTON debut album "Last Human Standing" (2007) went directly to the No 1 spot on the Scandinavian Megastore Webcharts - and actually stayed there at the No 1-spot for four whole weeks in a row as Most Bought Heavy Metal Album! The album also went to No 12-spot right after Bruce Springsteen on the All Genres Top 20-list!

  • After financial trouble with their record company in early 2008, and the result was no backing up of their initial success, the band still continued to play live and slowly build up a good live reputation. They decided to independently release the well recieved EP "Professional Anger" in 2011.

  • In 2012, the band released a special digital single called "KNOCK YOURSELF OUT" - including 3 tracks!

  • After taking a new turn, changing image, and in 2015 releasing the collection "The Best of the Early Years" the band will release a brand new EP in 2017, called "Caveman Rising". And then continue the work of the next full length studio album, planned for a release in 2018...

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