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"Perhaps the best damn metal act you´ve never heard of"...


The Swedish cult-ish band Skellington released their debut album Last Human Standing in 2007, which surprisingly went directly to No 1 at the Scandinavian Megastores website charts for Most Bought Heavy Metal Album! And stayed there on the No 1 spot for four weeks in a row! Then all of a sudden, there was the classic tale of "record company problems"! But, where most bands call it a day, Skellington kept moving forward...and kept having fun! 





Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, Skellington is a respected Metal-Thrash-Rock band that developed a mixed metal style of their own. Good reviews and a good reputation as an exploding live act on stage has given them a metal music underground reputation. Always chosing to walk along their own path rather than following others, Skellington is best described as playing "Super-Heavy-Metal"! Skellington combines all their influences and inspiration from old school hard rock/heavy metal history of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s up-dated with modern brutal 21st century metal music into a package of their own. A little bit different, yet so very familiar. The whole attitude is about making nothing but "true metal music for true metalheads". Sure, they´re always being serious about their music but nevertheless, you know: it also includes beer, air guitars and way too loud volume on the stereo. Often with an ironic glimpse in the eye while live on stage. Skellington has been called "the perfect mix of all things metal" more than once...

Their underground reputation started right away with the very first Skellington demo, First Blood, First Demo, made already in 2001. A widespread cult demo around Sweden and abroad - it also included their highly celebrated cover of KISS "Love Gun" translated into cocky Swedish "Stor Kuk" (meaning Big Cock)!

This acclaimed demo included their first lead guitarist Bo "Chaq Mol" Karlsson, today a member of internationally well-known black metal gigants Dark Funeral.


Shortly after the debut album release in late 2007 and initial success, the band got problems with their old record label in early 2008, which resulted in that a lot of important PR-plans had to be cancelled concerning their supporting of the Last Human Standing album. (The album was in fact never released outside of Scandinavia until 2011!).

While handling the record label problems, Skellington started to play lots of gigs - and steadily building up a really great live act reputation. More and more people started to mention and recognize Skellington as great entertainers on stage and as "one of Stockholm´s best live acts"!

The band´s special live energy and stage persona was never really caught on the debut album, but in 2011 Skellington released a cheap, roughly made EP/minialbum called Professional Anger. Well recieved, it came even closer to their real sound with it´s "take no prisoners" attitude!

In 2012 the band came even closer to the sound with a special 3-track-single called Knock Yourself Out, that was a digital release only!


After some experimenting for a while, playing outside of Sweden and taking a new turn changing image in 2014, the band released "The Best of The Early Years" in late 2015.

At the same time the line-up split up (although still being friends) due to some of the members being tired - including the usual "musical differences" - and so they decided to leave. But the singer/co-founder/band leader Jac Rytterholm continued on, chosing to handle it as a solo project band from now on. Meanwhile looking for new musicians, a new EP called "Caveman Rising" (including 5 tracks) was being completed.

The EP "Caveman Rising" was released in the summer of 2017 and it marked the start of a new chapter for Skellington.

After a while, in 2019, Jac Rytterholm and Joakim Norlander had been hanging around, always talking music and thought "hey, why not" and said to themselves "let´s become a DUO, yes a heavy metal duo"! So they decided that would be good for the world...well, more or less.

They officially made their comeback in time for Christmas 2019 by releasing a brand new single called "Turn It Up (A Rock and Roll Anthem).

And after that follows the work of the next full length studio album, including 12 tracks, set for a possible release in the fall 2020.


PS. Skellington is now looking for a new record (or license) deal...but will release the next album with or without a big fat million dollar record deal! ;)






Skellington Members Throughout The Years:


Jac Rytterholm - Vocals (2000-Present)

Joakim Norlander - Lead Guitars (2005-2015, 2019-Present)

Göran "Guru" Lundgren - Guitars (2000-2015)

Tommy Jee - Bass (2000-2015)

Stefan Essmyren - Drums (2013-2015)

Niklas Öberg - Drums (2008-2013)

Andreas "Andy K" Konradsdal - Drums (2000-2008)

Bo "Chaq Mol" Karlsson - Lead Guitars (2000-2002)



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